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Uniform Spanking

Girls Spanked, Caned and Paddled in their Uniforms

This web site is dedicated to all lovers, perverts and admirers who want to see young ladies dressed in their uniforms, before they receive their well deserved corporal punishments, in the form of spanking, caning and paddling on their bare bottoms. Girls in their school uniforms, prisoners in their institution dresses, cheerleaders, nurses, rider girls and stewardesses… you will find them all here at uniformspanking.com! For even more amazing full length videos and HQ photo sets of real amateur girls punished in their uniforms, please also visit our friends at Spanked in Uniform in Prison.

UPDATED July 26, 2021

Jul 26Thieving Girlscout KikiKiki has been keeping the money from the cookie sales and not turning it in. Mommy is very upset and this kind of thieving behavior will not be tolerated. She is given a hard stinging hairbrush spanking which ensure this naughty girl will not be stealing anymore.
Jul 24Exhibitionists Strapped And PaddledThis spanking video involves Kajira and Jayda, 2 of the school's most popular cheerleaders, flaunting themselves on various different social media outlets, bringing the school name into disrepute. The girls are left to contemplate the error of their ways, nursing their very sore bare bottoms.
Jul 23A Stinging Jokari Paddle Across Her Bare Bottom Has Lucy Lauren SquirmingWith a boss like Zoe Page, why would pretty nurse Lucy Lauren provoke her? A spanking is always the end result! Lucy knows she can't win at The Clinic and has to select the implement to be used for her punishment. Choosing a wooden jokari paddle is a mistake.
Jul 20Fighting SchoolgirlsFree video preview and images gallery from English Spankers, featuring Dilon and New Model Violet Haze, showing spanking, f/f, otk and uniform content.
Jul 17The Cane And The CuriousFor years now, Prefect Blake has been bringing errant students before the Headmistress. She's in the Upper Sixth now, and she's watched more spankings than she can remember. It's only natural, surely, that she should have become a little curious. So she's come up with a plan...
Jul 12Upping Her Game - Part 2Rosie Ann is lucky enough to have a sponsor for promising future in ladies tennis. He spends an awful lot of money on his protege and Rosie is of course grateful. She doesn't even really mind the punishments that live alongside the rewards. As for him, the rewards are immense!

Amazing Uniform Spanking Videos

Disciplined For A Dirty MouthAngelica's foul language is out of control and she has been sent home by Coach for her potty mouth after he gave her a spanking. When she continues to swear, Daddy tells her to get up, pulls her ear and takes her to the bathroom for the next part of her punishment... a mouth soaping!
Lucy Lauren Spanked And Strapped, Bottom Bare, For Disrespecting Her BossIt's more than a clash of wills, it's a test for Lucy Lauren's bottom as boss Zoe Page goes to work on her bare cheeks at The Clinic. When Lucy doesn't take position on the desk to be strapped, Zoe spanks her hard and fast until she complies. They share what they're really thinking to camera!
Charlie's Chapel DisciplineWe present to you another in our 'Catholic Schoolgirl Discipline' series and this time it features naughty miscreant, Charlie Ten, forever in trouble and always finding it hard to sit down in class because of her sore spanked bottom.
After School With Aunt SamToday, after school, Alex has been summoned to visit her aunt for a little chat. This chat will involve a thorough spanking for Alex across her aunt's lap and, just for good measure, Aunt Sam has a hairbrush with which to smack Alex's schoolgirl bottom.
Spanked For Divided LoyaltiesLily Swan takes errant young lady Riley across her lap, lecturing her while given a spanking over her tight panties. However, she knows the best lesson is learned on the bare and pulls down those tight panties and starts to spank Riley's quivering buttocks even harder.
Waiting at Home with the BeltThis is a lesson he only wants to teach once, so he'd best make sure it sticks. Pandora is bent over the edge of the bed while still in her school uniform, frilly knee-socks and cotton knickers on show; he spanks her again and again, leaving a set of lurid red welts across her exposed bottom.

More Girls Spanked in Uniform

Strapped And Spanked: Nurse Lucy Lauren Learns The Hard WayBent over her manager's desk at The Clinic, blonde nurse Lucy Lauren learns the hard way that disrespecting Zoe Page and wearing revealing clothes results in a sore bottom. Zoe's hand and a stinging leather strap soon turn Lucy's buttocks a throbbing, glowing red.
Upping Her Game - Part 1Rosie Ann is lucky enough to have a sponsor for promising future in ladies tennis. He spends an awful lot of money on his protege and Rosie is of course grateful. She doesn't even really mind the punishments that live alongside the rewards. As for him, the rewards are immense!
Rachel Spanks Maddy in the OfficeRachel Adams is waiting in the office to report Maddy Marks for bullying her. Maddy makes a deal that she will do anything if Rachel does not tell on her. Rachel agrees if she can spank Maddy right there in the office. Reluctantly, Maddy agrees, even though she just received a spanking from Adriana.
Episode 108: Rival Spank-OffEmily Parker catches Spirit Sanctus, a girl from a rival school, spying on her so she has to teach her a lesson with a sound spanking over her knee. The tall and strong Spirit then gets Emily back with a spanking of her own.
The Brat Next Door 2In this second episode, Lola is taken inside his house for further discipline as she has clearly not learned her lesson. With the permission of Lola's father, John shows the progress of her next spanking punishment by sending him a few images on his phone during the embarrassing discipline.
Detention DelinquentAdriana is in detention and she is there to write lines for her bad behavior. Well, professor Osborne catches her drawing silly photos making fun of him instead of her lines. Not only does this misbehaving school girl get a bare bottom spanking while bent over her desk.
Naughty PicturesAlex decides that Cherry needs to learn a severe lesson about privacy, best delivered via a smacked bottom, not just in front of coach Maddy, but BY coach Maddy as well!
Del's DetentionDel is in detention for cheating. Headmaster Osborne is very upset and intends to teach her a very hard lesson. She first gets her hands tawsed because cheating hands get punished. Then she is spanked while bent over the desk. Finally she is given 6 strokes of the dreaded cane on her bare bottom.
Swearing LouiseLouise has been sent to the office for her foul language. He will not stand for this and delivers a firm spanking to her lithe bottom. He also takes his strap to her sore red bottom.
The Spanked Cheerleader - Part 2Once her spanking was over, Mia was required to stand in the corner with her bare bottom on display knowing that her team members would soon witness her humiliation as they walked in from practice.
New Resident NicoleHe tells her that if she doesn't stay in place, the caning is likely to go on all night. With a super human effort, she manages to stay still and accept her punishment. When it is over, she is told to get into bed. Michael leaves her gently stroking her very hot sore bottom.
Cheating Earns Dani Daniels A Sobbing, Tearful Spanking With A SlipperDani Daniels delivers an emotional, dramatic scene as she's spanked bare bottom with a slipper for cheating at Private School. The sting of the slipper on her buttocks soon has her sobbing and crying as Frank Reed bends her over a chair, perfect bottom bare.
Juliette Spanks River For PeepingJuliette March is masturbating on the sofa in the sorority house when classmate River Fox walks in on her. Juliette accuses River of peeping on her so she grabs the curvy bottomed River and puts her over her knee for a painful spanking.
Nikki Flynn CaningNikki Flynn has been out of control and grounding doesn't work. Miss Parker takes over, blistering the girl with her hand and finishing her first spanking with a cane thrashing that leaves the naughty girl in tears as her disappointed father watches sadly.
All Your FaultLily's tight panties offer no protection from his hard hand and he removes these, embarrassing Lily further as her reddening bottom is spanked on the bare. She is placed over the desk, bottom out, and given a double strapping with 2 leather implements.
Spanked After School - ImagesElla Hughes was spanked OTK, then her crisp white panties were pulled down just enough to reveal her reddening bottom to which she was thoroughly spanked on the bare and then given a hair brush spanking that had her squirming in real pain.
Sexy Maid CanedThe Sexy maid is caned, a prospective customer of the Sexy Cleaning Company is interested in new girl Tindra Frost and has asked that we make a video of her being caned to see if she will be suitable for his requirements. She is to be naked for the caning and she agrees to take it.
Disruptive Delta Spanked And StrappedAt last, that earlier smirk is wiped off this disgraceful young lady's face as she realizes the full gravity of the situation... disruptive Delta has time to reflect on this, as she rubs that very sore tender behind feeling very sorry for herself!
Not Up To Captain's StandardsCara gets spanked with her cheer shorts pulled down then her bare bottom is also given a hairbrush spanking, the implement that Anastasia could find at short notice. All the other girls will know what happened here, if Cara doesn't improve in the second part of competition later!
Kailee's Missing HomeworkWhen Mr. Daniels finds out that Kailee cannot hand in her homework, he hands her 12 cane strokes!

Best of Girls Spanked in Uniform

For even more amazing full length videos and HQ photo sets of real amateur girls punished in their uniforms, visit our friends at Spanked In Uniform.

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