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Uniform Spanking - January 2022

Every month we present one studio which we believe is outstanding when it comes to impressive content, updates and a fair pricing. This month it's the amazing 5 Sites Deal at Clare Fonda. Each site delivers unique and 100% exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else, with a strong focus on f/f spankings. They have some of the naughtiest girls on the web, from pornstars to 'girls next door' amateur models and lifestyle submissives.

Uniform Spanking

Girls Spanked, Caned and Paddled in their Uniforms

This web site is dedicated to all lovers, perverts and admirers who want to see young ladies dressed in their uniforms, before they receive their well deserved corporal punishments, in the form of spanking, caning and paddling on their bare bottoms. Girls in their school uniforms, prisoners in their institution dresses, cheerleaders, nurses, rider girls and stewardesses… you will find them all here at!

UPDATED January 23, 2022

Jan 23Willow's Outdoor PunishmentMiss Matthews is going to nip Willow's bratty behavior in the bud with a method of discipline that she should have received long time ago. With a spanking outdoor! The spankings can be heard in the yard as they echo loudly. Willow feels ashamed. She knows the other girls will be able to hear this.
Jan 23The Judge Orders A Thrashing - HQ Photos PreviewFor now, Officer Dillon is ordered to carry out a severe thrashing of Bella starting with the tawse on both hands, hard strokes. Next she uses a selection of paddles on the girls bare bottom as she is bent over the chair and table
Jan 23GBS Classics - A Lesson In DetentionWelcome to the Girls Boarding School, where strict and severe domestic discipline is the order of the day for naughty, misbehaving girls. A hard OTK spanking, a severe paddling, not to mention the dreaded severe canings, all make up the daily punishment routines at GBS.
Jan 21Return To DisciplineJasmine is given a spanking with his hand, and then the hairbrush, scolding her and emphasizing why she is having to be punished on Christmas Eve which should be a happy family time. He also checks periodically to make sure she isn't getting any further sexual enjoyment from her spanking.
Jan 18Your Love Of Pain Will Get You CanedAfter a good slippering with a gym shoe the head decides to up the pain by a considerable amount just to see how much the teacher can take. Her bottom bared the teacher bends over the school heads desk and takes one hell of a caning.
Jan 18The Judge Orders A ThrashingFor now, Officer Dillon is ordered to carry out a severe thrashing of Bella starting with the tawse on both hands, hard strokes. Next she uses a selection of paddles on the girls bare bottom as she is bent over the chair and table
Jan 15Lexi Holland Spanked at SchoolThe first ever spanking shoot for the beautiful Lexi Holland, she is interviewed about her spanking experiences. She was spanked once growing up, at school, and we reenact the it with Snow Mercy playing the principal, plus 2 others, one with Snow spanking Lexi at her dungeon.
Jan 15Caned Soles, Caned Bottom - Image PreviewBack out comes the cane, ready for some bastinado beating to the soles of Willow's pretty feet and a few angry red stripes over Pandora's already-smarting welts. By the end, the girls are more resolute than ever: they really must clean up their act, or who knows what will happen to them next?

Amazing Uniform Spanking Videos

NEWThe Governor's RevengeMichael Stamp reckons he knows just how to motivate slackening Pandora Blake to get back on track! He gets her over his lap and administers a gorgeously sore OTK bare-handed spanking, leaving her glowing rose-red and rubbing her backside.
NEWNew Model - New Series: Welcome Rachel Finch To Firm Hand!Pretty Rachel Finch makes her Firm Hand debut, submitting to her first on-camera spanking at The Academy. Ms Page uses corporal punishment to discipline her students: Rachel is humiliatingly put across Ms Page's knee, school uniform pulled up to expose white panties, for a butt-jiggling spanking.
NEWDisobedient After SchoolElizabeth knows that sometimes the only thing a naughty girl needs to settle her down is a well smacked bare bottom! As was the case with Katie (Sally) who found herself being placed over Miss Simpsons loving lap, knickers were pulled down & her lithe bare bottom was given a damn good smack!
NEWFor The Greater GoodSunny's pert bottom is spanked hard by the coach and of course, a spanking must be carried out over a bare bottom to have the required effect of chastising a miscreant. Next, Sunny is placed over the couch, her bottom stuck out, for the wooden paddle.
Sore Schoolgirl MelodyNaughty schoolgirl Melody Nore is both spanked and paddled in her schoolgirl skirt. Then, the skirt is lifted and the seat of her panties is punished. And finally, her panties are taken down and her bare, red, and very sore bottom is blistered with a hard spanking and a seat-searing paddling.
Missing ItemsMaid Lola-Marie has been stealing items from guest's rooms hoping that they won't notice until after they have checked out. However one guest complains to the manageress and Lola-Marie is given the choice of being reported to the authorities or being punished by not only the manageress but the customer as well.

More Girls Spanked in Uniform

Amaya Solace in Poor GradesAmaya's truancy and lack of effort in class show in her report card. Veronica reviews the pathetic grades and then gives Amaya a hand spanking for failing to apply herself. A corporal punishment appears to be the only option to solve the situation in the future.
Inappropriate AnastasiaAnastasia has earned herself a bare bottom spanking, and a caning afterward. Anastasia still talks back even when her bottom is being turned fire red with his hard hand and so her mouth is stuffed with her cotton panties to keep her quiet. So humiliating for this little brat.
My Uniformed Maid Spanked & Strapped - HQ Photos PreviewThe maid seems genuinely frightened of Sarah and does not want to lose her job, well there is only one way out of the problem and that is over Sarah's knees for a good hard prolonged spanking on her bare bottom, followed by an extensive thrashing with the strap.
Game, Set, MatchPiper has committed to going to a big tournament in Chicago but she would rather go to a school dance held the same weekend. When Veronica informs the girl she will need to keep to her commitment, Piper throws a tantrum. Tired of her childish behavior, Veronica spanks Piper with a leather paddle.
Spanked Sweeties - New Model Lexi HollandThe first ever spanking shoot for the beautiful Lexi Holland, she is interviewed about her spanking experiences. She was spanked once growing up, at school, and we reenact the it with Snow Mercy playing the principal, plus 2 others, one with Snow spanking Lexi at her dungeon.
Scouting For A Spanking - Images PreviewWhen we had the chance of pairing up this super couple of Dacey Harlot - making her debut appearance with us - and the inimitable Zoe Page, what better than to give Zoe full reign as the hot spanking bully we all know and love? Dacey takes it all and more, wanting to please her Girl Guide crush.
FHS Classics - Tara Somerville - The InternIt's what dreams are made of! Stunning blonde Tara Somerville deliberately wears her private school uniform to work to upset Mr Reed. She's put over his knee skirt up, panties down for a sound 127-smack spanking! See a revealing out-take too.
Bribery Upgrades SpankingMiss Mercy scolds the startled attendant but Cara's shock is reserved with the spanking she receives over the manager's lap. Poor Cara is embarrassed as she loses the privilege of her modesty when her panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is reddened with the mean hand of her HR boss.
Ouchie! Bottom Bare For A Strap And Yardstick Tests Lucy's Resolve At The StablesNow it's time to turn up the heat with a strap and yardstick. Zoe Page is not one to go easy when her business is compromised, so expect Lucy to jump and holler as she's soundly punished for not giving up the information and contacts her boss asks for.
Caught At HomeAfter disproving her lie about it being a free period, he decides to thrash the naughty truant, first making her kneel and spanking her with his hand over her school uniform, and then pulling her knickers off to spank her very firm bare bottom with his hand til she never wants to skip class again.
Scouting For A SpankingThis video is a colorful treat, Blue versus Green, bully versus willing submissive, Zoe Page versus Dacey Harlot, giving and taking! There is nothing more to say other than this is pure, erotic spanking entertainment that fans of both ladies will absolutely adore!
Brush StrokesThis particularly riled Prison Officer Bradley who tucking Pandora's head under her arm, starts spanking her. Despite her bottom looking very sore, she still keeps quiet. The spanking continues until she changes her opinion of the job and says it's a wonderful job.
Class Slut School Counseling - Bare Topless School PaddlingDani is well known as the senior class slut. Well aware of her lack of judgment and poor choices he is determined to set her straight. Bent over the couch in his office, her tiny skirt is flipped up for a severe paddling on her voluptuous bottom.
The Carpet Beater for NicoleShe finds herself finally beating the carpets, with a sore bottom, bared and exposed to everybody who can see her from the house and the neighbor's garden, with tears in her eyes, tears of pain and embarrassment...
Ava Spanked And DiaperedThe film starts as Ava arrives home to find Mommy waiting for her with a hairbrush in hand with baby powder and a diaper placed next to her! Ava's tummy flips at the sight of this... Mommy scolds Ava and is tells her how disgusted she is at her daughter's juvenile behavior.
Cheats Never ProsperCheaters are dealt with in only one way, and that is with a spanking. First, Opal is taken over the Principal's lap for a hand spanking over her school pinafore, white cotton panties and of course on the bare bottom. After her spanking she is told to stand behind and watch Miss Audrey being spanked.
The last will of Mr. KoddersPoor Kodders is confined to his bed and a nurse has been hired to look after this wealthy elderly gentleman. Mia Beth comes highly recommended but we soon discover that she has more than nursing on her mind. She is after his money!
Flirty Flight AttendantThere's a time and place for flirty or racy behavior, and that isn't on the job. Charlie doesn't take the lecture too seriously until Zoe gives her the choice of a spanking punishment or being fired. She is spanked over her tight skirt and her pantyhose which start to reveal her red bottom.
Disruptive Delta Spanked And StrappedAt last, that earlier smirk is wiped off this disgraceful young lady's face as she realizes the full gravity of the situation... disruptive Delta has time to reflect on this, as she rubs that very sore tender behind feeling very sorry for herself!
GBS Classics - Molly's Homework TestA GBS Classic. Student Molly meets Headmaster Michael for a homework test... which she miserably fails! She earns herself a long OTK spanking over the Headmaster's lap, followed by an extensive and painful bare bottom punishment with a strap.

Best of Girls Spanked in Uniform

For even more amazing full length videos and HQ photo sets of real amateur girls punished in their uniforms, visit our friends at Spanked In Uniform.

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