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Uniform Spanking

Girls Spanked, Caned and Paddled in their Uniforms

This web site is dedicated to all lovers, perverts and admirers who want to see young ladies dressed in their uniforms, before they receive their well deserved corporal punishments, in the form of spanking, caning and paddling on their bare bottoms. Girls in their school uniforms, prisoners in their institution dresses, cheerleaders, nurses, rider girls and stewardesses… you will find them all here at uniformspanking.com!

UPDATED October 24, 2021

Oct 24Failing The TeamThe Cheer Coach has had enough and takes Helen aside for a short sharp scolding discipline before spanking the sassy brat out in the open. Soria, the cheer coach, has a wicked scolding technique as well as a tough spanking arm making this a hugely enjoyable all girl uniform discipline film.
Oct 23A God-Fearing Christian GirlJohn is a modern, progressive kind of guy - and he's running a modern, progressive kind of farm. When his business is in trouble, his friend Sarah Gregory agrees to help him out - but a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking from Pandora Blake wasn't exactly part of the deal...
Oct 22Punished for PlagiarizingWillow has been caught with essays that she found on the internet. Not only is she using these for herself, but she is selling them to other students. Miss Matthews is livid and invites her father in to discuss this with him. He is shocked and agrees to watch her receive a corporal punishment.
Oct 22Dylan's Punishment DayThe film is in 4 distinct parts and this scene includes her OTK spanking in which he doesn't hold back. Dylan still isn't behaving, so in the 2nd scene he fetches the Family Cane, bends her over a chair, proceeding to mark and welt her already sore and reddened cheeks.
Oct 14Mommy's Regression Session StevieIf the spankings don't work then mommy will get her wooden backed hairbrush and beat Alora's bare bottom till it is red and bruised and she really has learned her lesson. Watch the humiliation and the tears as Stevie is regressed to her schooldays and punished just like a naughty little girl.
Oct 14My Uniformed Maid StrappedAsh Fox has had her first experience of working as a cleaner and maid to Sarah and is not at all impressed, indeed she is now cleaning the house with her bare spanked bottom on display, she is dreading Sarah's return knowing she has more punishment to come.
Oct 14Ella Spanked And PaddledThis is a hard hand spanking, which turns Ella's bottom very red in a short period of time, his hard hand ensures her cheeks are burning but her punishment is far from over. Ten harsh swats of the wooden paddle for every minute delayed gets the message across to a near tearful and very sorry Ella.
Oct 14Ashley's Little AccidentsAshley Belle wants so badly to be one of the cool kids, so she's excited when she gets assigned to share a room with popular girls Adriana Evans and Alex Reynolds on her school trip. She's pretty much willing to do anything to get them to hang out with her.

Amazing Uniform Spanking Videos

NEWViolet's Afterschool SpankingViolet has been a very naughty girl. Mother always knows best in this house. A proper lesson isn't learned until the hairbrush meets the bare bottom, and that is exactly what happens. This is one lesson that Violet will not forget in a hurry.
Sore Bottom For RileyAunt Samantha always spanks on the bare bottom, as poor Riley soon discovers to her obvious embarrassment. The spanking and scolding are far from over as a mean-looking heavy leather paddle is then used across her niece's sore bottom.
An American Spanked In LondonSarah is spanked over her regulation knickers, and then on the bare bottom. Later that evening, she is changed into a white camisole, white panties, and white socks for another spanking. This time it is not just a hard hand spanking, but the hairbrush is also introduced to Sarah's sore bottom.
Caned Soles, Caned BottomBack out comes the cane, ready for some bastinado beating to the soles of Willow's pretty feet and a few angry red stripes over Pandora's already-smarting welts. By the end, the girls are more resolute than ever: they really must clean up their act, or who knows what will happen to them next?
Helen Stephens - Privileged Brat PunishedStep-Mom was informed of the latest poor behavior and is waiting for Helen to arrive home to confront her. Helen has no excuses and is taken over the maternal lap for a spanking. Also, her riding crop is used over the crisp jodhpurs but they are soon pulled down along with her white panties.
Sound Strapping For Lucy As She Learns How Things Work In PrisonCorporal punishment is a regular feature for inmates at Correctional Institute, as pretty Lucy Lauren has learned the hard way. Disrespect or disobedience brings severe penalties from officer Zoe Page, who wields a mean leather strap across Lucy's bottom.

More Girls Spanked in Uniform

Kitty Diapered For Camp - HQ Photos PreviewAfter a long OTK spanking Kitty is put into diapers, which can can be clearly seen through the thin, white material of Kitty's leggings. This is how poor Kitty is going to have to arrive at camp. The lesson? Make sure that you don't argue when told you need to be in diapers!
Fighting Schoolgirls - HQ Photos PreviewHair pulling, face slapping and general unladylike behavior are definitely against school rules and this major transgression will have to be dealt with in the most severe way. Dilon is first to be dragged over the headmistresses knees and to get spanked on the bare bottom.
Spanking In The OfficeCheerleader April and Volleyball player Iris are sent to the office where Teacher Snow Mercy will decide on their punishment for fighting. Iris starts spanking April and Snow walks in and catches her. She then gives Iris a long and painful spanking and has April cheer during the punishment.
Spanking in PrisonPrison Spanking Video Previews for: Prisoner Jenna Joy, Part 1+2. The Infirmary, Part 1. The complete Bars & Stripes Collection at Spanked in Uniform.
Amy Learns Her Lesson - Photos PreviewThen Miss decides this little liar should receive 12 very hard strokes with the cane. With each stroke Amy's bottom becomes more and more welted. For the remainder of her detention, Amy is left to reflect on the punishment and her recent poor behavior that led to this!
Anabelle Caned At SchoolAnabelle is constantly disruptive in school and her misbehavior tends towards violence as well. There are life lessons that are learned in school as important as academic ones and, if Anabelle is incapable of absorbing those lessons any other way, he will beat them into her! Daily, if necessary!
Bare Bottom Paddling For Zoe Page, Cheeks Bouncing From Lucy's SwatsThe crack of a black wooden paddle across prison officer Zoe Page's cheeks gets her yelping as inmate Lucy Lauren turns the tables on her tormentor with a bottom-reddening spanking. Correctional Institute is tough, especially when the prisoners have the advantage!
The New Boss – A Regression Session Film Back To SchooldaysTwo sassy office workers' school skirts have been pinned up to show their school knickers and as they take their place over the punishing knee they have the further humiliation of these school knickers being lowered to their knees and then spanked very hard on bare bottoms.
Detention Number ThreeRosy Ann finds herself in detention for the third time in a term. As Jenna, with whom Rosy was caught fighting, has just found out, in the third detention, your knickers are taken down and your bottom is introduced to the tawse. Rosy is not looking forward to her fourth detention.
Vagina Must Be Dry Or You Will Be CanedMiss Wood first spanks Helena with her hand, scolding her for her appalling behavior. When her bottom is pink, it's time for the cane, which is used repeatedly, striking Helena's bottom very hard until she can no longer think about masturbating due to the pain from her punishment.
Lizzy Spanked And StrappedShe is embarrassed that his hard hands can feel the shameful warmth of her glowing cheeks as he really gets her attention with a thorough spanking, whilst reminded that her attendance will improve.
Katherine St James - Corporal AirThe reputation of Corporal Air is tarnished after Katherine St James suggests an overweight passenger buys a second seat and it gets into the press. Mr Strickman is worried about his job as he administers a spanking, 51 with a strap and a dozen strokes of the cane. Watch the out-take!
Slacking OffLily takes her schoolgirl daughter Jess to work for the day and soon comes to regret it. Instead of learning something about the hospitality industry that is her mom's chosen career, Jess spends the day admiring the pool boy from afar, invading empty rooms and generally slacking off.
Knickers Down DetentionJoanna is in trouble once again and needs to be disciplined. The dean applies his cane to her little bottom, until she can bear no more. She then stands against the wall and thinks about her poor choices with her hands on her head.
Detention DelinquentAdriana is in detention and she is there to write lines for her bad behavior. Well, professor Osborne catches her drawing silly photos making fun of him instead of her lines. Not only does this misbehaving school girl get a bare bottom spanking while bent over her desk.
Get Your Knickers Down Now!Sally lives under very strict rules. Each week she has to present herself for an overview of her behavior are then dealt with. The past week was particularly bad as she had arrived home late from school 2 times. This earned her not only a spanking but a hard dose of the hairbrush!
Punished For Plagiarism 2He lays her on the bed and reminds Pandora that she will do better, as the heavy leather belt rains down repeatedly on her quivering, sore bottom. This is one sorry daughter who has had two nasty punishments in one day courtesy of her foolish plagiarism.
Kailee's Missing HomeworkWhen Mr. Daniels finds out that Kailee cannot hand in her homework, he hands her 12 cane strokes!
Aleesha NickedThe nightmare begins when her bedroom door is pushed open and two prison officers run in. Prison Officer Zoe Page and Prison Officer Dave Dodge drag her out of bed. They insist they need her to tell them where Billy Smith is. She insists that she does not know.
The Caning Of Justine RosenburgNow that her bare bottom is warmed up she gets the cane to really learn her lesson, marking up her red sore ass even more! She stands in between the canings to rub the sting from her ass, once the caning is over she stands bare assed with hands on her head!

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