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Uniform Spanking

Girls Spanked, Caned and Paddled in their Uniforms

This web site is dedicated to all lovers, perverts and admirers who want to see young ladies dressed in their uniforms, before they receive their well deserved corporal punishments, in the form of spanking, caning and paddling on their bare bottoms. Girls in their school uniforms, prisoners in their institution dresses, cheerleaders, nurses, rider girls and stewardesses… you will find them all here at uniformspanking.com! For even more amazing full length videos and HQ photo sets of real amateur girls punished in their uniforms, please also visit our friends at Spanked in Uniform in Prison.

UPDATED September 21, 2021

Sep 21Hard Lesson For LolaDaddy has not had to give Lola the belt for some time but this is what is needed next, as she is still in denial about her behavior. Now Lola looks scared and far more contrite as she is laid out on the couch and given many hard licks of his heavy leather belt until her bottom is red and sore.
Sep 10Tiffany's First ShootTiffany is in the studio today. We perform a quick interview about her spanking experiences in the past and then the fun starts. Tiffany is spanked long and hard starting with a hand spanking, then the slipper, and finally a hard caning.
Sep 06Discipline For Angelica VeeAngelica is spanked, stood up against the wall, as her bare pert bottom turns red quickly but she still gives off a haughty attitude so Sarah places the brat over her knee on the gym mats then continues to humiliate and punish her.
Sep 02Prison Inmate Lucy Lauren Feels The Discipline Of Zoe Page On Her Bare BottomAfter a sleepless night, pretty inmate Lucy Lauren is bent bare-bottomed over a chair for an extended spanking from Officer Page at Correctional Institute. This is no token spanking: Lucy kicks and protests as the tattoo of smacks is applied to her reddened rear.
Sep 02Madi Laine Spanked In KitchenHouse mom Clare Fonda is upset with new pledge Madi Laine for not making dinner for the sorority like she was supposed to. So Clare gives Madi her first lesson in sorority discipline by bending her over the stove and giving her a sound spanking.
Aug 29Willow - Rooting For The Wrong SideWillow's bottom soon turns a burning red and the punishment is far from over, as the old Mason & Pearson hairbrush is used across her aching cheeks. Willow yelps and cries out but the spanking continues until Mom is satisfied her girl has finally learned her lesson.

Amazing Uniform Spanking Videos

Finishing School: Hand Or Thighs?Finishing school tearaways Pandora and Willow are in trouble again - and they won't get off lightly this time. Headmistress Hewitt has a new idea: perhaps her tawse could be of use? Neither girl has been subjected to the leather before, nor to a beating taken on their hands or thighs.
Never Be Late AgainAndy is taught that there will be no lateness tolerated in the future or there will be more painful consequences. For those that like to see a hard uncompromising hand spanking punishment, this is the one to watch... coach Lily Swan really does have a mean hard hand!
Outside ContractorA 'punishment consultant', brought in specifically to discipline Lux, the school's worst behaved student, Kennedy confesses to not being remotely concerned with what Lux has actually done. No, he has a job to do and is, he informs the poor girl about to have her bottom caned, extremely good at it.
Humiliating Over-The-Knee Spanking For Lucy Lauren: Part Of Prison RulesBeing put over Officer Zoe Page's knee to have her bottom spanked wasn't what Lucy Lauren expected when she complained about her cell conditions in Correctional Institute. Her white cotton panties barely cover her cheeks as Zoe goes to work to remind her about respect and compliance in prison.
The Dreaded Yard-Stick Burns Ballet Dancer Belinda Lawson's Bubble ButtHands on the fireplace, Belinda Lawson pushes out her curvy bottom to be punished with a wooden yard-stick in Discipline Matters. Dressed in a ballet leotard and white tights, the redness on her ample cheeks can be seen through the tight-stretched fabric as the wooden implement goes to work.
Ava's And Lily's Long Schoolday - Part 11Sassy sisters Ava Nyx and Lily Swan stay in trouble all day long with firm Principal Tubaman. By the end of the day, they have received an ass-searing 21 (!) spankings, strappings, and paddlings. These two young ladies will be attending their classes standing up for the foreseeable future.

More Girls Spanked in Uniform

Tennis Tantrum Punishment - HQ PhotosAfter a scathing scolding, Miss Elizabeth puts Cara across her knee for a hard spanking with hand and hairbrush that leaves her struggling, red, and very contrite. But this is only part of her punishment. Elizabeth is going to give Cara some strict diaper discipline for this behavior.
Spanking in PrisonPrison Spanking Video Previews for: Rachel Rose gets birched. Anal Jewelry. Dolly's Intake. The complete Bars & Stripes Collection at Spanked in Uniform.
Thieving Lily's Liquor Lickin'She places her daughter, still dressed in her cheer outfit, over the table and spanks her hard whilst scolding her naughty girl. Those tight white shorts are pulled down and Lily's beautiful toned butt cheeks are given a further licking from mom's mean hands. Oh, the shame and humiliation!
Stepmom becomes a spanked schoolgirlA step-mom accuses her step-daughter of bad grades so she can indulge in her spanking fantasy. But the step-mom's vanity causes her to receive a humiliating spanking as a schoolgirl!
School Girl ThiefAunt Katie and Mr Atkins are talking, as he tells Danielles Auntie that he witnessed the girl still a bottle of booze from his shop. She promises to deal with her thieving Niece immediately, and sentences the girl to a handspanking and Hairbrush spanking she will never forget!
Pleasure And Pain Part OneTwo naughty students Scarlett and Jolene were caught by Mr. Johnson pleasuring each other. This behavior will not be tolerated in the college so both girls were taken to his office and they both had their bare bottoms soundly spanked.
Tennis Tantrum PunishmentMiss Elizabeth is one of the most authentic scolders the fetish scene has ever seen, and sweet lifestyle little Cara Day is clearly so embarrassed by her punishment. And the cute, vintage tennis uniform combined with a fluffy, padded diaper is to die for!
Truth HurtsHer knickers come down for some bare bottom punishment by hand before the paddle comes out for a more intense spanking. The punishment is not quite over yet, Nikki finally gets caned hard on her bare very red and sore bottom!
Mila At The House Of CorrectionMila has to remove her school knickers and take a very embarrassing position on the punishment bench. The disciplinarian uses one of the very heaviest and largest of the leather paddles available and gives the bare bottom of this badly behaved girl a real trouncing.
Reyna's Punishment RegimeReyna goes over Zoe's lap and she is spanked without the dignity of wearing her sports panties. A thick leather paddle is a perfect introduction to harder punishments as she is bent over the sofa and her cheeks are whacked mercilessly!
Sister Alex Spanks Adriana Evans in her OfficeRowdy new girl Adriana Evans gets called into the office of Sister Mary Alex for some attitude correction. The strict nun spanks the naughty schoolgirl over her knee with her hand and a wooden ruler.
Slipper At Home MasieIn this fantastic clip, Masie is crying as she listens to her stern Guardian Peter on the phone with her HeadTeacher, who tells him that Masie has cussed out a teacher and threatened to run from class, and Peter is embarrassed, promising to correct his naughty young steed immediately.
Punished by the park keeperRosie yelps and takes stroke after stroke of his leather belt until only he was satisfied that she has properly shown remorse for what she has done! See cute Rosie Ann make her return to Triple A... One of our most popular girls at her very naughtiest best!
Amy Learns Her LessonAmy is in detention with Miss Bernadette, her teacher, for not completing her writing assignment. She takes Amy right over her lap for a hard hand spanking. Then it is 12 very hard strokes with the cane. With each stroke Amy's bottom becomes very welted. She is left there to think about her actions.
Belle's Sad School Day - Images PreviewBelle's regulation knickers are pulled down once she is over the headmistress' lap. A furious hand spanking is quickly followed up with yet more mean nasty strokes of the cane. You won't miss the facial reactions or the stinging whacks of the canes as each angle is covered in full.
Cheating Schoolgirls - Maddy's Bare StrappingThe teacher selects a heavy strap and begins to swing forcefully across the seat of her white cotton panties. Soon her panties are in a familiar position pull down around her thighs. He enthusiastically swings the painful strap across her bare bottom as she cries.
Another Warm WelcomeHer poor bottom is getting really sore so she understands that being loud and sarcastic is not in her best interest, so she temporarily obeys them without question. Having made their point, the two prison officers leave the two girls together.
Veronica Spanked By Aunt ClareVeronica Ricci laughed at her friends getting spanked recently and her aunt Clare Fonda has heard all about it. Clare got a call from their Mom. So now Clare decides that Veronica deserves a spanking of her own. So she puts her over her knee in her bedroom and turns that curvy bottom bright red,
Playing SchoolAlex is very upset with Ella for constantly getting into Lilly's things despite being told not to. Lilly relishes the opportunity to get even, and spanks her sister hard with the spoon, leaving her tiny bottom marked and sore.
Episode 99: Gigi Allens Breaks in New Girl Goldie RushGigi spanks her for not doing her designated chores. But when Goldie proves that she wasn't on the list for those chores, then she makes Gigi take a spanking herself if she doesn't want her mistake to be shared with the nuns.

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For even more amazing full length videos and HQ photo sets of real amateur girls punished in their uniforms, visit our friends at Spanked In Uniform.

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