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Spurred Into Action

Matron, Rebecca, spanking, f/f, caning

Matron confronts her employee Rebecca regarding her standards for cleaning the house. She says the work has been sloppy and unsatisfactory, but Rebecca defends her work and is flippant about the situation, rolling her eyes at her employer. Matron makes it clear that if Rebecca would like to continue as a live in employee in her home, she must change her attitude and greatly improve her work. Rebecca is shocked when Matron instructs her to take down her pants and panties for a spanking and insists it is ridiculous, but she does not want to be sent away so she complies.Matron makes sure her point gets across with a slippering, a paddling with a clothes brush, and finally many biting licks of the cane applied to her now tearful and sorry employee's bare bottom.

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