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Welcome back Pandora

Zoe Page, Pandora Blake, spanking, m/f, f/f, paddle, prison, uniform

Prisoner Pandora Blake has returned to Bars and Stripes Prison and is now checking out her new cell. Examination of the bare brick walls and she's horrified to find mould. And ugh! There's straw on the floor. Checking out the locker, she finds a couple of tunics that belonged to the previous prisoner that called this hovel home. The only items she finds in the pockets that might be remotely of use are some hair-grips, so she transfers them to her pocket. So while Pandora is checking out the cell, Prison Officer Zoe Page comes in to check her out.Zoe is the queen of the T, T, T gang - Teasing, Tormenting and Torturing. She insists on searching Pandora and soon finds the hairgrips that end up in her pocket. However, because Zoe is a pervert she enjoys touching and teasing Pandora. But because Pandora objects and puts up some resistance she gets a spanking for her trouble. Zoe has already ignited a fire in Pandora's bottom when Prison Officer Paul Kennedy pops in to see how the girls are getting on. As far as the three 'T's goes he's as bad as Zoe - they feed off each other.He joins in the fun by letting Pandora be the first to have the privilege of having the new paddles used on her. Paul and Zoe have a paddle each; Sometimes they would hit her simultaneously - at other times alternately. Whichever, poor Pandora has a very sore bottom by the time they have decided that she's had enough for that day. They leave her alone to get further acquainted with her new accommodation. No doubt that is not the last she will see of them during the next two years.

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