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The Waiting Room

Leia Ann Woods, Rachel Lloyd, spanking, f/f, m/f, otk, paddle, prison, uniform

Prisoners Rachel Lloyd and Leia Ann Woods are sitting in the waiting room at Bars and Stripes Prison - they are excited at the thought of having visitors. Matron comes in and starts searching Rachel including her knickers and this causes Leia to make a cheeky remark. Then Prison Officer Kennedy comes into the waiting room and pulling matron aside he whispers in her ear. Now the information he has just imparted to matron is music to her ears and she loves the idea of being able to burst the two girls bubbles.Their visitors have not turned up - and she takes great pleasure in goading them about it. Bitterly disappointed, Leia lashes out, accusing Matron of making it up and moves in to physically attack her. Prison Officer Kennedy goes to the aid of matron, while Rachel joins in by defending her mate. Both girls are overcome and find themselves being paddled. Matron is paddling Leia and Officer Kennedy is paddling Rachel. There is a right cacophony of sound as the leather paddles being applied to bare bottoms echoes around the waiting room.Leia is in even more trouble when matron notices that she's not wearing regulation prison knickers. Then to further humiliate them, they are given over the knee spankings. Matron tells them they are being treated like silly little girls. By the end of the spanking session both Rachel and Leia have very sore red bottoms. Rachel is allowed to pull up her knickers - while Leia has to remove hers and hand them over, as they are not regulation knickers. When Matron gleefully tells them that because of their bad behavior they will not be allowed any visitors for the next three months.And when they open their mouths to protest - they are stopped in their tracks - being warned that it would be six months if they don't keep their mouths shut. They are then led back to their cells.

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