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Spanked in Prison

Amelia Jane Rutherford, Chessie, Donna Parker, m/f, otk, paddle, prison, spanking, strap, uniform, wooden paddle


The Governer of the prison decided to pay inmate Chessie a visit to see if she was behaving herself. The little madam decided to try and flirt with him and she acted like a little slut to try and get out of the spanking she knew was coming. No such luck of course. Her bottom got exactly what it deserved!


Officer Lewis caught inmate Parker with a pen and some paper in her cell even though she was told she couldn't communicate in any way with the other prisoners. She was soon over his knee getting soundly spanked followed by a sound bare bottom strapping whilst laying flat on her bed.


Amelia is back in front of Matron and Officer Lewis again because of her behaviour. Amelia did not wash her clothes so both of them gave her a sound double paddling with their stinging wooden paddles.

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