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Lazy Jay

Jenna Jay, Zoe Page, spanking, f/f, otk, prison, uniform

Prison Officer Zoe Page has escorted Prisoner Jenna Jay to her cell in Bars and Stripes Prison. She tells Jenna to make up the bed and tidy up - she'll be back soon. So Jenna pulls a blanket up on the top bunk - then she lies down on the lower bunk and starts reading some magazines. When Officer Page returns she finds Jay asleep and gives her a rude awakening by slapping her on her bottom. She orders Jay to stand up and accuses her of being lazy. So she suggests that Jay makes up the bed properly this time - but again she makes a very poor job of it.Jay has made up her mind not to cooperate while in prison - she can't see any reason to follow rules. When Officer Page threatens her with punishment she more or less encourages her to do so. So that's how she ends up lying over Officer Page's knee. As the slaps rain down on her bottom she moans, surely she's in pain - but when Officer Page stops and she is asked if she wants some more - she says yes. The spanking continues. She is inclined to make some cheeky remarks and Officer Page warns her that her mouth is going to get her into trouble.But the cheekiest part of all is - while she's being spanked, she's reading the magazines - that are on the floor. The spanking continues for some while, until she agrees with Officer Page that being punished is not enjoyable. Then she is left alone to settle into her new home.

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