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Wrong Time And Place

Leia Ann Woods, Sarah Collins, spanking, m/f, prison, uniform, strap

New prisoner Sarah Collins has come out of her own cell and wandered into Prisoner Leia Ann Woods cell. She introduces herself and tells Leia about her problem - she's been put into a very small dark cell and suffering from claustrophobia - being in the cell is agony for her. Leia is sympathetic and promises to do her best to get some help for her. As a token of friendship, Sarah gives Leia a packet of cigarettes that she puts in her tunic pocket - just in time because Prison Officer El Diablo comes into the cell.He orders poor Sarah to go back to her own cell immediately, but she attempts to explain to him about her claustrophobia - how she feels like the walls are closing in on her. However, he takes her delay in obeying him and answering back as insubordination. So he pulls her over his knee and despite her protests and struggling, he gives poor Sarah a prolonged hand spanking, first on top of her black regulation prison knickers then on her bare bottom. He totally ignores her polite requests for him to stop spanking her - instead he brings a leather strap out of his pocket and uses that on her very sore red bottom.Even Leia tries to reason with him but he's an unreasonable man and threatens to give her some of the same if she doesn't shut up. Only when he decides that Sarah has had enough does he escort her back to her pokey little cell.

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