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The Warm Up

Aleesha Fox, Zoe Page, spanking, m/f, strap, prison, uniform

Prisoner Aleesha Fox is roughly dragged into the punishment room and is ordered to lie down on the cross bench. But first she is told to take her knickers off - Prison Officer Page puts them aside for safe keeping. Once she is settled - lying face down on the bench, with a soft blanket under her tummy, she is given one last chance to talk. But as she is not in the mood for chatting, Prison Officers Zoe Page and Stephen Lewis proceed with the punishment. She is strapped down to the bench, so there is no escape for her.Now the punishment starts. Stephen Lewis starts strapping her. Poor Aleesha jumps each time the strap makes contact with her bottom. But not a sound does she make - not even a grunt. After a while Zoe Page takes over strapping her, while Officer Lewis takes a well-earned rest. Her tormentors point out to her that if she just tells them what they are hoping to hear - her strapping would stop immediately. Her obstinacy means she is suffering for a lost cause. The lost cause being her fella who she is protecting - although he has shown no interest in rescuing her.Many strokes of the strap later and still she's not talking - punishment is over for the day. As she is unshackled from the cross bench - she is told that she will be paying a visit to somewhere darker and more painful.

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