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Taming the Blue

Sascha Harvey, spanking, m/f, otk, prison, uniform

Prison Officer Stephen Lewis is explaining the rules and regulations at Bars and Stripes Prison to new Prisoner Sascha Harvey. Things are going well, she agrees to behave and follow the rules etc. But - when he tells her she's going to be working in the laundry, Sascha rebels and tells him no way. Officer Lewis is a reasonable man and he patiently explains to her that she doesn't have a choice - all prisoners have to work and there is a vacancy in the laundry. She argues with him and hurls a mouthful of abuse at him.He realizes that she needs to learn some manners and he knows exactly how to accomplish this. He places a chair in front of his desk and sitting down on it he puts her over his knee. What follows is a long hard hand spanking that leaves her full of apologies. But he's still not convinced and brings out a leather paddle and continues with the spanking. Eventually he brings the spanking to a close. He tells her to go back to her cell and Officer Kennedy will come to escort her to the laundry.

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