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Silent Witness

Kami Robertson, Lilly Lovell, lesbian, m/f, otk, prison, spanking, uniform, paddle

Prisoner Lilly Lovell is escorted into her temporary new home by Prison Officer Stephen Lewis and Matron. Lying on her bunk is Prisoner Kami Robertson. She's not too happy about having a cellmate, but Officer Lewis and Matron leave the two girls to get acquainted. Robertson climbs down from the top bunk and sits on the lower bunk in an effort to get to know her new playmate. She has a motive for her friendliness and this motive soon becomes apparent. Her ears prick up on hearing that Lovell is due to be released from prison in two days, having served two years and some time off for good behavior.As she quietly talks to Lilly - her hands are stroking the other girl's leg - up and down her thigh - turning her on big time. She explains that she is in prison for the rest of her life, but someone like Lilly could do all the prisoners a big service - by writing up about the conditions in Bars and Stripes Prison and especially about the physical punishments the girls have to endure on a daily basis. At first Lilly is afraid to do anything that might jeopardize her imminent release from prison - but the flesh is weak when she is methodically being worked over by an experienced worker.It doesn't take long for the two girls to take turns at undressing the other. Bare tits are kissed and sucked and when Robertson goes down on Lovell - then the poor girl is really lost and starts to reciprocate. The two girls are well away, and are startled when the cell door is pushed roughly open and Prisoner Officer Lewis and Matron rush in. They are disgusted at such behavior - two girls being sexually turned on by another member of the same sex. Although they know Lilly would not have instigated this behavior - and pile the full blame onto Kami Robertson.Matron helps Lilly to get dressed, talking soothingly to her. Kami is then put on the receiving end of a severe hand spanking, followed by the use of a leather paddle. Lilly Lovell cowers on the lower bunk watching with horror the happenings. When the two girls are left alone, clever Kami carries on persuading the other girl to do the writing for her. Oh dear, will Lilly Lovell blot her copybook and end up behind bars again?

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