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Sarah Gregory - OTK Relay

Sarah Gregory, Zoe Page, spanking, m/f, otk, prison, uniform

Prisoner Gregory Number 4240 has been dragged none too gently into her cell by Officer Kennedy, Harshly he tells her to tidy it up. She's about to find out how they play otk relay in prison. She tells him she doesn't understand why she's there and as she's innocent she won't be staying long - therefore tidying up would be a waste of time. Officer Kennedy doesn't like her attitude and decides to put a stop to it right from the start. Pulling a chair into the middle of the room, he pulls her protesting loudly over his knee.But she is still being gobby. As she finds out, he too can shout and spanks her bottom to make his point. He wants her to refer to him as sir, which she does, but the attitude is still very much there. He's had more than enough of her cheek and rudeness and pushes her off his knee so she lands on her sore bottom on the hard cell floor. She tells him he can't do that to her, but Officer Page has come into the cell and assures her that he most certainly can. Officer Kennedy leaves Prisoner Gregory to the gentler methods of Officer Page.So Officer Zoe Page sits down and tries using sweet reasoning to get the stubborn girl to spill the beans. But Gregory insists that she's innocent and has been framed and therefore she knows nothing. Unfortunately for Gregory, Officer Page also loses patience with her and pulls the naughty girl over her knee. Obstinately, she still insists that she knows nothing and so her bottom is getting redder each time Officer Page's hand makes contact with it. Even when she is warned that her being stubborn is going to get her a caning, she carries on with the attitude.Temporarily admitting defeat, Officer Page leaves her alone in her cell - rubbing her very sore red bottom. Now she knows how they play OTK Relay in prison, but will it mean she will give them the info they are asking her for?

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