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Logeen Solitary Day One

Zoe Page, Irelynn, spanking, m/f, f/f, prison, uniform

'Here you are home sweet home,' Prison Officer Stephen Lewis says, leading her into a bare prison cell. Prisoner Irelynn Logeen looks around her - at the stark bare walls, bare floor and the other bare necessities - being a rush rug in the corner and a wooden kitchen chair. Her face shows no emotion. Officer Lewis pushes a flimsy white top at her, ordering her to put it on and he means right now. She gives a sigh and starts to undress. She hands him her black and white striped jumper followed by her jeans and socks.She puts on the flimsy white top. Her fingers fumble as she hurriedly tries to fasten the fiddly buttons. Sitting down on the wooden chair, Officer Lewis beckons to her to get over his knee. He now proceeds to spank her. First one cheek then the other. Her bottom is soon looking very red and sore. However, except for an occasional moan she is quiet and still. He stops spanking her for a moment, just long enough to pull her knickers down to mid thigh - his hand makes contact with her bare bottom - harder and faster - now she starts to squeal and wriggle about.The decision of when to stop is his alone - certainly not because she begs him to. He tells her to stand up and go back into her corner and sit down. She hurries to obey and sits on the rough rush rug. He leaves her sitting there, rubbing her sore bottom.

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