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Kami Robertson - The Confession

Kami Robertson, spanking, m/f, caning, prison, uniform

Kami Robertson is in real trouble. The Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison and two of his Prison Officers are trying to get a confession out of her. At first she was welcomed into the prison as a bone fide journalist. However, the prisoners she interviewed were anything but complimentary about how they are treated - in the best and most successful prison in the country - as is the opinion of the Governor and his officers. So as far as she is concerned, it's imperative that the truth is written and the public will know just what goes on behind bars.Unfortunately for her, hastily scribbled notes were found and confiscated. The last thing the Governor wants is for the public to find out. Now poor Kami is being kept a prisoner - but with even less rights than a real prisoner gets. She hasn't even got a number. The Governor and Prison Officers Kennedy and Lewis are hell bent on getting a confession from the terrified girl. And the only way they know of how to get that confession is to beat it out of her. She is strapped down to a spanking bench, by her wrists and ankles.A cane comes cracking down on her bare bottom, causing her to cry out at each stroke and try to break free from her bonds. They keep asking her to tell them who were the prisoners who fed her the lies about prison life. But she tells them through gritted teeth that she does not know. They don't believe her and so the caning and paddling continue. However, despite her loyalty to her informants, even the bravest person has a limit to just what they can endure. So she gives in and agrees to sign the confession.Her right hand is untied - allowing her to do the necessary writing. For the moment, her assailants are satisfied and she is freed from her restraints. But has she told the truth? Only time will tell.

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