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Clovers Adjudication

Zoe Page, Clover, spanking, m/f, f/f, strap, prison, uniform

Officer Lewis and Officer Page are in discussion prior to Clover's Adjudication. They are both in agreement about the anticipated outcome of this interview, when Prisoner Clover Paisley arrives. She is disappointed to find Officer Lewis there as she thought she would be able to manipulate Officer Page if there was just the two of them. The whole interview starts off badly as she makes some insinuations about Officer Lewis being gay, but she reassures him that it's not a problem - it's okay with her.He comes around the desk and stands in front of her, looking down at her. She looks up at him defiantly. Roughly, he grabs hold of the back of her neck, pushing her face down over the desk. His big heavy hand comes down on her squirming bottom and he administers a dozen stinging spanks to it. However, Prisoner Paisley has no intention of cooperating and carries on giving backchat. As using his hand doesn't seem to be making any impression on her, he uses the leather paddle Officer Page hands to him.When Clover partially gives in or seems to do so she is told to sit down on a wooden chair and the interview starts. Officer Page explains to her that if she has any problems or grievances of any kind, she Officer Page is the first go to person. This doesn't make sense to Clover. She feels she is being treated unfairly by Officer Lewis and Officer Page and says she wants to make a complaint about them to the Governor. Then Officer Page speaks slowly to her, reminding her that she is the first go to person if she has a problem.Now it becomes clear what this adjudication is all about - they want her to come clean about her part in the embezzlement of millions of dollars. She tells them she has no idea where the money is now - adding that if she did she still wouldn't tell them. They resort to spanking her again - but stubbornly she is not telling them. She has a very sore bottom, before they realize that she's not going to tell them anything. Therefore, Officer Lewis none too gently escorts her back to her cell. Clover's Adjudication is over for the day.

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