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Beating The Blues

Sascha Harvey, spanking, f/f, otk, prison, uniform

Sascha Harvey has been sent to Bars and Stripes Prison for dealing in drugs. As with all new prisoners she is taken to see matron - whose job it is to ensure the health and well-being of the prisoners. Matron is well known for her loving tender care. The first thing she does is order Sascha to strip, which she does without argument. But when she hands Sascha a specimen bottle - she wants a urine sample, poor Sascha looks around for a toilet, matron laughs at her and tells her to do it where she can see her.However, Sascha stubbornly refuses to oblige. Matron does not like anyone to question her authority and decides to teach the pampered cow a lesson. Sascha receives an otk hand spanking - followed by a prolonged strapping while in various positions on the examination couch. Even though she has a very sore bottom, she still refuses to provide matron with a urine sample. So matron calls for Prison Officer Stephen Lewis - to take her away and ensure she does provide the urine sample within his sight.Poor Sascha, she has a hard lesson to learn - that there is no such thing as privacy while in prison.

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