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Aleesha The Visit

Aleesha Fox, spanking, m/f, otk, prison, uniform

Aleesha is alone in the flat she shares with her boyfriend Billy Smith. However, in actual fact she's not alone - she has a visitor. He creeps up behind her, putting his arm around her neck. Scared witless she tells him she has no money, but he tells her he's not after her money - he has a message for her to deliver to Billy. She says she doesn't know anything - how can she possibly help. He convinces her that it would be wise to take down his message word for word. Billy is trying to double cross the rest of the gang and they don't take kindly to that, so her visitor's mission is to give her some pain and in that way, Billy can expect to receive even more pain if he doesn't toe the line.She is lying flat on her back on the bed with this thug pinning her down. He orders her to turn over onto her tummy - then starts spanking her bottom. She wriggles and protests, but he holds her down with ease. As he spanks her, her bottom can be seen to be turning a dark red, but he still hasn't given her the full message yet. When he tells her to stand up she obeys immediately even though she doesn't know why. He drags her over his knee - so now she is quite sure what's going to happen next. As he carries on spanking her, her poor bottom is getting redder and sorer each time his hand makes contact with it.Eventually she convinces him that she will pass on the message to Billy. Pushing her off his knee - she finds herself sitting on the carpet, he towers over her - again she's scared - what's he going to do with her. Reaching down, he pulls her to her feet and flings her onto the bed. He leaves her, but not before he threatens her once more - he'll be back if she doesn't pass on his message.

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