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Spanking in Prison

Julie, Vanessa, Sidney, Sharon, m/f, paddle, spanking, strap, tawse, prison, uniform


Prisoners Sidney and Sharon were assigned KItchen Duty but they decided to take an unautherised break. Unlucky for their bottoms, the Warden happened to walk past and he put them both up against the wall and gave them both a sound leather paddling.


Prisoner Julie was caught swearing like a fishwife in the yard and she was sent to the Warden who gave her his special language lesson with his Tawse, Strap and heay Paddle.


Prisoner Vanessa arrived at the prison. This 18 year old schoolgirl was sentenced to one month in prison for forging her mum's signature on a few checks. During her intake her petite bottom felt the sting of the Warden's paddle for the first time.

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