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Switching For Getting Lost

Camilla Scott, m/f, spanking, outdoor, switch

Kissie and Alex are taking an afternoon stroll through the local countryside, however, Kissie has other ideas and is desperate to speed up the snails pace that Alex has her walking at. Eventually her desire to explore and need to be free gets the better of her, and with Alex not watching she wonders off further than allowed. With no phone and no knowledge of the surrounding areas its not long before Kissie finds herself lost. She begins to feel herself become panicky, but soon after Alex is able to track her down.Kissie is so relived to see him, she doesn't see that he has one hand behind his back clutching a freshly cut switch. After a firm telling off for her disobedience, Alex reveals the switch, much to Kissie's surprise and absolute disappointment. Moments later shes bent over clutching her ankles whilst the sharp whip of the switch bites at her soft round buttocks. Steadily the stinging from the biting switch intensifies and little Kissie feels her legs begin to shake as she struggles to keep her position.Before long Alex is whipping her with it hard and fast, and as he does so Kissie feels a strong sense of regret for her poor decision making.

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