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Spanked For Flirting

Ava, spanking, m/f, cheerleader, uniform

Ava has a huge crush on the new coach, handsome Ethan Ardent, and has been flirting with him at any given opportunity. She is waiting in his office after she was called to see him after practice and she thinks it is because he has feelings for her too. However, it is not as Ava hoped for, as her advances on him were spurned as he attempts to let this exciteable cheerleader know that nothing could ever happen between them. It would be most innapropriate with him being in charge of her! To reinforce this, he places her against the wall and starts to spank her, this is not what she thought would happen between them.Ava is shocked and upset that a cute little thing like her can't get what she wants. This brat is in for a further shock as her tight cheer panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is spanked hard. Coach's strong hands hit the mark and teach Ava an important lesson, as her pert cheeks become red, swollen and sore from this short sharp shock punishment. If Ava wants to remain in the squad, she will respect his authority to run a well trained, focussed cheerleading squad without hindrance and know her place in what he hopes will be a winning team

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