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Schoolgirl Reform School: With Missy and Gypsy

Gypsy, Missy, bdsm, spanking, uniform, cheerleader, anal punishment

Missy and Gypsy are teens who keep getting in big trouble. Missy is a delicate schoolgirl. Gypsy is a sexy cheerleader. Their punishment is severe: caning, multiple enemas - including with long colonic tubes while tied up together - , huge butt plugs, bondage, spanking, paddling, suppositories, nipple clamps, peeing and expelling enemas in buckets and on the toilet - made to share the same seat. In a breath-taking, sexy moment, Missy crawls around the floor on all four, with a huge butt plug inside her, which gives her a sizzling 'horse tail' dangling between her butt cheeks!

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