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Schoolgirl Reform School Julie

Julie, spanking, bdsm, uniform

Something is immediately spellbinding about Julie, and it's not just her striking young beauty. For starters, she seems out of place in the Reform School. Her school grades are stellar - and yet she caused mischief serious enough to bring her here. Traditional reform school just doesn't work on her: corporal punishment makes her laugh and 'humiliation' appears to turn her on... Well, she's BEYOND being just a 'punishment slut', like some past girls in Reform School. It turns out that she's a schemer, who got herself sent to Reform School on purpose - as she finally admits.She confesses that she finds school boring because too easy. At the same time, she has a strong fascination for BDSM, and is eager to experience it at length. The Reform School Headmaster finally strikes a deal with her. She agrees to remain in school in exchange for being introduced to various intense BDSM activities - what is heavy punishment and humiliation for most other students is a treat for her!

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