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Cheerleader Spankings

Welcome to Cheerleader Spankings where you will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at practice, wearing authentic cheer uniforms, spanked by each other, their coaching staff and teachers who need to discipline these often unruly cute girls.

We have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and loved being in these uniforms often fulfilling their own fantasies of being that bratty cheerleader who needed a good hard spanking. We feature many sensual as well as severe discipline videos including some mean nasty strapping, paddling and caning punishments of girls to tears. If you are into seeing girl next door types, real lifestylers and those who are just plain naughty who need real discipline then you have come to the right place! Check out this amazing new spanking site! Brought to you by the famous makers of finest corporal punishment movies at Triple A Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking. Visit this site and watch cute cheerleaders being punished, whenever their poor behavior demands it!

Dec 02Stop shush spank!

Amelia is a naughty girl. She is staying in America and she is given a letter from school for her guardian about breaking rules and then refusing the punishment. She has written an English tabloid and not checked facts on practices in the school she feels are not good. The punishment is a spanking and she protests big time. In order to not be sent home to the UK, she must agree to take a spanking at home by her guardian. He then to sign off on it when she goes back to school. Poor Amelia is a very sad and spanked girl.

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Nov 26Slackers Spanked
HDspankingm/funiformcheerleadergroup punishment

For the first time we bring you something we have long wanted to film here at Cheerleader Spankings and that is hot looking, fit girls getting spanked in authentic volleyball uniforms. The wait is over and there will be many more multi girl films featured soon. Today we see Joelle Barros and Lily Swan, slacking from their practice until their coach catches them out. He is not pleased and their poor attitude and sassy behavior means he feels he has no alternative but to punish them and takes them to a nearby hut off the main training pitches. He scolds them and reminds them of the consequences of their actions but even when the girls are spanked they laugh and giggle. He soon wipes the smirks off their faces when he humiliates both girls side by side without the comfort of their shorts. Spanking them on their bare bottoms and the threat of expulsion from the team and their scholarships has the girls feeling far more contrite! Check out this hot new double girl discipline film of girls in real volleyball uniforms!

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Nov 19Grandpa spanks Alice

Grandpa thought he'd surprise Alice with a visit to the game to see her star in the cheer squad. She was staying at his that night since the game was late and was near to his house on the other side of the city. However, it was HE who was surprised when Alice got into all sorts of trouble with her fellow team mates, emabrassing herself and the squad. He was really disappointed and got home before she returned to his place. Grandpa wanted to see what she had to say about it, if at all. Sure enough, Alice returned to his, still in her cheer uniform and said nothing about the fracas earlier that evening until he mentioned that he was there! Oh dear... Alice was busted and knew how Grandpa dealt with liars and poorly behaved young ladies (she knew this from her mother's punishments and stories of her growing up). Grandpa placed Alice over his lap and spanked her hard, first over the skirt, then the panties... and in his house he always spanked on the bare bottom! Alice struggled, kicked and complained but he only spanked his grand daughter harder and scolded her until she was contrite and very sorry! Afterwards, he made her call the girl she had upset to apologize and tell her how she had been spanked for her behavior.

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Spanked Again

Katie is the sort of selfish girl that thinks everyone else should do all the work for her. This often gets her into trouble and even being placed onto the cheer squad to give her some direction and motivation in life is starting to backfire. We find Katie, who had already been spanked earlier at school, avoiding practice by sneaking off around the back of school to catch up on whatever trivial social media apps she thinks is so much more important! Coach Osborne catches her and is so upset with her selfish behavior that he decides to spank her like the lazy spoiled brat that she is! He takes her over his lap and her bottom gets yet another spanking which he knows will hurt and her sore bottom soon turns an angry crimson. She yelps, cries and complains but she deserves this spanking with her panties pulled down, her quivering bottom taking a hard hand spanking! To add to her shame, Coach calls her parents on his phone. He makes them fully aware of why their daughter had got two spankings that day. We are sure that by the time she goes to bed, Katie will have had three spankings in just one day!

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Extra Motivation

This week sees the introduction of hot cheer coach, Christina Carter. She has seen it all with her girls and on an away trip noticed how one young girl, in particular, had let down the entire team and squad. She intends to discipline Luna Lain and calls her to her room. This beautiful cheergirl knows she is in big trouble and half heartedly apologizes but Coach Carter knows what is best! She takes Luna over her lap and spanks the brat whilst making her recite their "Knights team" cheer. The spankings continue with Luna's tight panties pulled down. She feels embarrassed that her bare bottom is being smacked but feels even more foolish being made to recite the cheers louder in what's left of her uniform and with more conviction. The relentless spankings only stop when coach thinks this young girl has learnt her lesson and will cheer properly for the team next time!

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Sister spanks Ava
HDspankingf/fotkhairbrush spankinguniformcheerleader

Adriana is coach of the squad and has called in her younger sister, Ava, because she is disappointed at her recent attitude. She is annoyed that Ava is embarrassing her with her lame practice routines, lack of concentration and spending too much time on her phone. It becomes clear that Ava thinks she can get away with things now that her big sister is Coach. Wrong! Adriana tells her she will deal with this lack of respect the way she deals with all the other girls. She insists that afterwards Ava's red bottom of shame will give a message to the other girls that she means business! Ava is dragged over her big sister's lap and spanked hard over her panties and then on her jiggling, full bottom. However, this long spanking punishment is far from over and a nasty stinging hairbrush is used that has Ava yelping in pain. Adriana leg locks her younger sibling to ensure she doesn't wriggle out of her humiliating punishment. She'll respect her coach after this ordeal!

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