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Cheerleader Spankings

Updated on October 26th, 2016

Welcome to Cheerleader Spankings where you will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at practice, wearing authentic cheer uniforms, spanked by each other, their coaching staff and teachers who need to discipline these often unruly cute girls. We have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and loved being in these uniforms often fulfilling their own fantasies of being that bratty cheerleader who needed a good hard spanking. We feature many sensual as well as severe discipline videos including some mean nasty strapping, paddling and caning punishments of girls to tears. If you are into seeing girl next door types, real lifestylers and those who are just plain naughty who need real discipline then you have come to the right place!

Check out this amazing new spanking site! Brought to you by the famous makers of finest corporal punishment movies at Triple A Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking. Visit this site and watch cute cheerleaders being punished, whenever their poor behavior demands it!

October 14th, 2016

Cupcake's attitude adjustment

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HD spankingm/fwooden paddleblackcheerleaderuniform

Cupcake SinClair is a Freshman Squad Member but she is already making herself known as one of the most valuable girls of the squad. However, she has no humility and is a real brat which is causing some friction with other some girls. Coach Lake can see all the signs. He had these issues with Stevie Rose and he is NOT going to put up with Cupcake's behavior. She is told that he is going to discipline her the best way he knows how with a spanking punishment and that he has the right to remove her from the squad. This means that she will lose her scholarship; only then does Cupcake start to take notice. The decison is hers but first she will get that spanking and a taste of what the other girls get when they ruin morale, the dreaded "Bad Cheerleader" wooden paddle. She thinks it is amusing at first, being spanked over her panties but as Coach Lake knows, the best way to wipe the smile from a brat's face is to make her feel ashamed and embarrassed. Pulling her panties down and continuing to spank her bare bottom harder has the desired effect. This is only the warm up for her very hard wooden paddling that has Cupcake gasping and concentrating on what he is saying properly for the first time. Her poor bottom is battered and bruised from this severe punishment and she is told to pull up her panties after the discipline session ended and meet up with the rest of the team for practice.
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October 07th, 2016

Cheer squad discipline 1

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HD group punishmentwooden paddleotkm/fspankingblackuniformcheerleader

This is the first of our very special feature length multi-girl movies. It is an extravaganza of non stop action of beautiful cheergirls bickering, bratting and receiving bare bottom spankings & hard wooden paddlings. The coaches of the opposing teams apologize to each other over the televised incidents that shamed both squads with the girls openly fighting in the National Championships. They decide the only way to deal with this rivalry of the main instigators is to deal with it in one of two ways: The first option is to remove them from their teams and some will lose their valuable scholarships. The second option is that they all receive the spankings they deserve in front of each other. The girls are far from happy but realize how serious this is and start to take the humiliating spankings in front of their fellow squad members and also with the rivals watching some of them feel real shame. They are all spanked first, over their panties and then without which some girls found embarrassing. This punishment is far from over as the girls all get a whacking from each coach's "Bad Cheerleader" paddle. This is a fantastic chance to see 9 girls and 2 cheer coaches in Season 1 of the 40 minute epic of our new "Cheer Squad Discipline" series! This features many well known fetish stars and some new girls you might not have seen before. For lovers of this style of discipline this is a "must see" to add to your growing collection of authentic cheerleader spanking erotica.
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October 01st, 2016

Melody's caning

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HD spankingcaningf/funiformseverecheerleader

Melody has a disciplinary meeting with Coach Gregory and was suspended from the squad until this latest issue is resolved. Miss Gregory has no intention of reasoning with this unruly cheergirl. Melody's quiet demeanor did nothing to quell Coach's anger and feelings of disappointment that she was back in her office for this make or break punishment. This time will be different though, the ultimate sanction, a good hard caning with two Dragon Canes. The first cane is especially dense and smoked, the other extremely thuddy, both designed to cause maximum impact! There is no explanation or scolding for this meeting, just a pure and simple punishment. Melody obediently goes over Coach's lap for a hard hand spanking with her panties removed, ensuring she feels ashamed about what is to come... the caning! This is one of coach's hardest canings and these sticks cause maximum thud and impact as they bite down into Melody's soft, sore, reddened bottom. The cane strokes are intense and those who like to see real hard discipline of girls in cheer uniforms will see the ferocity from one of the best female caners anywhere online! This is how you give a hard, accurate and meaningful caning!
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September 23rd, 2016

Harley teaches Isobel

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HD spankingf/fotkuniformcheerleaderleather paddle

Isobel Wren and Harley Havik are rival cheerleader captains but they also acknowledge each other as having the two best squads. Isobel noticed that Harley commanded a lot of respect from her girls and had heard from members of her own team about rumors of "Special Sessions" that Harley held. What were these sessions? Would Harley let Isobel know more? These were questions that Isobel would like answered and so she invited herself to Harley's home and made her request. Harley was flattered and was only too happy to demonstate how she performed the "Special Sessions" that her rival had heard about. She decides to teach Isobel personally what happens to her girls when they let down the team or themselves. She drags Isobel over her lap and starts to spank the open mouthed rival who is in shock! A spanking? Really? Harley maintains that discipline like this means that her girls fear consequences of failure and continues to show just how effective a spanking can be on a bare exposed bottom. Isobel wants to know what it feels like (she is embarrassed and feeling humiliated) so takes this session to learn more and understand how to effectively dish out a spanking! Watching these two hot cheerleaders is an awesome sight and one of the last appearances anywhere of Isobel Wren getting spanked in a cheerleader's uniform!
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September 17th, 2016

Stevie strapped and paddled

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HD spankingm/funiformcheerleaderwooden paddlestrapsevere

We welcome the famous Michael Masterson to the site in this hard strapping and paddling of Stevie Rose the way he does it best. Stevie has been sent to Principal Masterson's office for breaking the school rules. It is Friday, which is spirit day, so she she is allowed to wear her cheer uniform to school. However, she decides not to wear her proper footwear. This is very unsafe and Principal Masterson is very upset with her. She has also been flashing her panties to boys in class while at her desk as well as raising her skirt in the hallways. The teachers are disgusted with her rude behavior. She is made to sit and wait while Mr. Masterson records her upcoming punishments and reviews the reports he was sent on her. The suspense builds for her. She is finally made to bend over his desk for a very hard strapping and paddling. No warm up, no hand spanking, he gets right to business on this bad cheerleader's behind.
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September 10th, 2016

Spanked Tattletale

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HD f/fspankingotkcheerleaderuniform

Angela is being a tattletale on the other girls and they are getting in trouble. But she is not telling the truth, she is telling exaggerations of the truth which earns her a spanking from coach Gregory. No one likes a tattletale, especially one who lies.
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