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Cheerleader Spankings

UPDATED April 18 Welcome to Cheerleader Spankings where you will see OTK (over the knee) spankings, girls punished at practice, wearing authentic cheer uniforms, spanked by each other, their coaching staff and teachers who need to discipline these often unruly cute girls.

We have found girls from all over the world who have been very naughty and loved being in these uniforms often fulfilling their own fantasies of being that bratty cheerleader who needed a good hard spanking. We feature many sensual as well as severe discipline videos including some mean nasty strapping, paddling and caning punishments of girls to tears. If you are into seeing girl next door types, real lifestylers and those who are just plain naughty who need real discipline then you have come to the right place! Check out this amazing new spanking site! Brought to you by the famous makers of finest corporal punishment movies at Triple A Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking. Visit this site and watch cute cheerleaders being punished, whenever their poor behavior demands it! Join our Free Newsletter

Apr 18Get your head in the game

Ten has been called in by Coach Lake. Her head has been elsewhere; with her boyfriend. Coach Lake warned her that she needed to stop hanging out with this guy since he was distracting her too much and she was at risk of loosing her scholarship. He gives her a good over the knee spanking and then strapping so that she will get her head back in the game!

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Shamed and spanked

Assistant Coach, Sarah Gregory, has had it with her star cheerleader, Isobel Wren, who was being such a little bitch to the other squad members. The game was called off and they are all stuck at the hotel so the girls were allowed to hang out at the pool and enjoy their free time until new arrangements could be made. Isobel bitched out the other girls, wore the sluttiest bikini and brought the school's team into disrepute. It was time this beautiful brat learnt some respect and decency. She ...

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The interview
HDstrapotkm/fleather paddlespankingcaning

Rachel has made it to the Final Three in the interview process for the new Assistant Coach position. She has been invited to Coach Lake's place, at short notice, for a further personal assessment and explanation of his disciplinary procedures. He explains that corporal punishment style discipline such as hand spankings, strappings and more, can be used, depending on the type and severity of infraction the girls may make. Of course, being that this is Coach Lake, he insists that Rachel takes the ...

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Caught masturbating
HDspankingf/fotkuniformcheerleaderwooden paddle

Ally has been a very naughty cheerleader, she has hidden herself away in her hotel room where the team are staying for their trip to The Regionals. She is late for the competition and Coach Evans eventually finds her in her room masturbating. She is half dressed in her cheer uniform, with her fingers buried in her panties! Coach is very upset and takes Ally over her knee to give her a humiliating bare bottom spanking. Also, to ensure she won't forget being such a selfish squad members, Coach ...

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Lazy Linny
HDspankingf/fwooden paddleuniformcheerleader

Linny had been missing from practice at Cheer Camp, so assistant coach, Alex Reynolds, was sent to find out why. She found Linny in her Dorm Room without a good excuse as to why she was there. Cheerleader Linny was such a brat, diisrespecting Alex even though Miss Reynolds pointed out she was the one with the whistle! Alex didn't waste any time in showing what lazy, badly behaved young ladies would expect in situations such as this. Alex had promised that she would feel the wooden paddle she was ...

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Violet's paddling
HDspankingf/fotkwooden paddlecheerleaderuniform

Violet October has been summoned for a Disciplinary Meeting with Coach, Sarah Gregory. She has no idea that Miss Gregory knows everything that had happened in the locker rooms after the last practice. Violet only admitted to her lewd behavior once mention of Security CCTV footage was disclosed. She was the instigator, inviting boys back with some other squad members including intimate lesbian encounters with other squad members like the predatory Adriana Evans. It was decided that Violet had to ...

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